Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween nails

 I love Autumn, the nights getting dark sooner, the heating can be on, cosy knitwear and eating lots of soup. Along with all these plus point Autumn contains Halloween! Each year I like Halloween more and more. I don't like 'Trick or Treaters'  I like the decorations and the theatrical side.
I'd love to dress and decorate the house, host a Halloween party and bake monster and ghost themed foods but sadly my house is too small and this might encourage people who indulge in 'tick or treating' so instead I just paint my nails :)
I wanted something fun and light hearted and not to blood and ghoully so I search the Internet and regular blogs and found an image that was perfect! Polishandpearls


So this is my attempt at recreating this monster nail art. I has a little to hasty in added my topcoat which has made my left hand streaky and the lines a tad smudged. The same thing happened with my right had but mainly on the thumb. It added these strange wispy black lines coming off the eyes. *notes to self, must wait longer before adding top coat*
Over all I like how they turned out, I love the bright colours but I think next time I do something similar I wont use a metallic base colour as it was a little hard to see the detailing because of the shimmer. The purple is fab, it reminds me of Cadbury chocolate but for these nails it was too rich.

This is what I used on my bright monster that remind me of the Mighty boosh symbol (see below)
Yellow = Rimmel, long lasting finish, 280 Sunshine
Orange = MissGuided, bright orange
Green = Chit chat nail varnish, found at a car boot
Blue = Models own, Feeling blue NP031
Purple = Models own, Purple Imperial, NP131
Black and White nail art pens, Models own

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