Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 9, Disney

Lazy 15, Disney movies / characters.
I LOVE a good Disney film but this challenge had me stressing. How on earth was I going to recreate the magic and beauty that simply is Disney.
I must had done my nails three times before I gave up and had sulk and one in bed had a moment of inspiration!
Now I know today is Friday and this challenge was meant for Wednesday. This is the second challenge that I've fallen behind on and there is small pattern forming. Wednesday posting seams to be the hardest of them all. I haven't worked out why Wednesday of all days is when I find it hard to complete on time.
So onto the (late) Disney design. As I've mentioned I'm a big fan of the films but my inspiration tank was empty and all that was coming to hand was Lion King, Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins. Then I got thinking about the classic characters, you the ones you can have your photo with when at Disneyland or have breakfast with (one day this dream of mine will come true)
My nails are a simple homage to Disney and to Minnie Mouse :)
I've used an un-named pale pink that was in a manicure set. Barielle Going to the chapel 5147 for the classic polished mani. On my ring finger I've used Models own Red Alert, NP019 which looking back on previous post I've done seams to be the red that I go to before all others:) I've used my dotting tool to add white dots and once dry added the Mouse logo - using a larger dotting tool. Then finished this off with a White Disney logo D. 

As you can see the 1st photo has a small gap on the D which I had noticed so I tried to fix it and then it just looked smudged and wobbly. I did try to fix it honest!

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