Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 6, Favourite colour

Day 6 in the Lazy 15 nail challenge. I'm sorry for the late reply, I've had a busy week and this is the only chance I've had to get to my computer.

My favourite colour is green but I hate green on my nails but by favourite nail Polish colour is grey. In particular gun metal grey, not a bright silver metal but the deep, weathered and worn in metals. I've still yet to find this shade in a polish, if anyone knows where I can get one please please let me know.

So on my nail for this challenge I've done an accent nail with silver balls on my ring fingers, also know as caviar nails. The base is Models Own Mushroom NP096 which is a lush dark grey that looks great in the Autumn because its so warming. On top of this base colour I then added a thin layer a clear Acrylic and then dipped by finger into the pot of hundreds of tiny, tiny silver balls.

I've done caviar nails before but the balls never stayed on my nails for very long even with a good few layers of thick top coat which is very annoying. I'm currently doing an acrylic nail course and I had the idea to stick the balls into the acrylic giving them something to 'hold onto' ......... Well this idea worked very well :) I did them on Monday eve and Tonight,3 days later they are all still stuck!!! I've not lost any of the balls and they are still super shinny. A work colleague said it looks like I have a fruit pastel on my nails LoL.

On my other nails I used Models Own Concrete Mixer NP109 which a soft grey, a neutral almost a nude shade which goes with so many other colours. it's just perfect.


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