Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 8, Dessert nails

Day 8 on the Lazy 15 nail challenge is yummy desserts :)
It was Emma's birthday last Friday at work and chocolate cupcakes where made in her honour by the lovely Faith. I wasn't in the office that day so I had to make do with seeing the photo and hearing about how yummy the cupcakes where, look at them don't they look so scrummy...
So these birthday chocolate cupcakes where my inspiration for this nail challenge.
Every polish I've used is from my ever growing Models own collection.
Models Own Pastel Pink, NP033
Models Own Beth's Blue, NP063
Models Own Lemon Meringue, NP030
Models Own Becca's Brown, NP097
Models Own nail art pens in White, Blue, Pink and Yellow.
The flash on my camera has taken away the colour from the Pink, Blue and Yellow cupcake wrappers. They are, in daylight beautiful baby pastels shades, clean, fresh and bright.

Please don't forget to check everyone else out, this group keeps on growing :)