Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 13, Quilty pleasure

Day 13 in the Lazy 15 nail art challenge = guilty pleasures.
I love a good bit of sparkle, a bit of bling, any thing that glitters really.
If you've ever painted your nails with glitter nail polish you'll know how much of a bitch it is get off. I love how sparkly my nails are with glitter polish but I can't bear it the time to try and take it off. I've heard using PVA glue as base coat helps because you can almost peal it off in one go. Another trick I know of is soaking it off - just the same way you do when taking off acrylic nails. This does work but takes soo very long, have your ever tired to use your fingers with tin-foil on them? Impossible.
So what I went for was nail glequins. These little things are amazing :) I purchased few from a seller on ebay, they came in lots of tiny pots in an assortment of colours. The ones I've used are Holograph and super shinny.
I tired to place them evenly with the sides all lined up and matching but wow did my Patience run thin. I usually have a good level of Patience and enjoy fiddly little tasks. but these glequins had me and I was very nearly ready to quit.
I pushed on through and finished, top coated and then realised that one glequin had moved on my ring and decided to jump onto another. Was I going to fix it? was I going to do all that again? Nope :)
take a look and tell me what you think. Was it worth it?




  1. I love glequins and I think you did a great job placing them!!

  2. Hey I gave you a Liebster Award, it's not really an award just a fun little game to get to know new blogs!