Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 4, Water marble

We've reached day 4 in record time, where has the week gone?!

 I've done water marbeling before with mixed results. It took me a while to decide what colours to choose. the colours need to work well together or your nails just look wrong. If you choose to clash then you have to be careful if you want a subtle statement then this can be harder.

Then it hit me, in a ' The clue is in question'  kinda moment. The challenge is water marble so lets just use blue and white. Simple.

I started with a quick one layer base cost of Models own, Snow White NP042.

For the design I used my cheapest clear nail varnish that I purchased from a pound shop - it's not a good top coat but for this it's perfect because it's thin. I then used Models own Betty Blue, NP056 which is a stunning deep royal blue but because I've marbled the colour is a lot more paler than it is normally because the layer is so thin.

You can get an idea of how righ the blue really is when you look at my ring finger on my right hand becuase the colour and pattern overlapped and went all messy :(

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