Sunday, 3 March 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 9, Saran wrap

I must admit I did have to google saran wrap to discover what it was and google said "cling film, Saran Wrap (a thin plastic film made of saran (trade name Saran Wrap) that sticks to itself; used for wrapping food)" Ok so being from the UK it's cling firm, but how was I to use it on my nails?  Another question when to google followed my an image search and wow lots of great nail designs and everyone says is quick and easy!

I have to say it was fast and easy and I like the results :) I think next time I'll think more about the colour combinations, I can see this being a fast design for work nails or when I can;t choose what what colour to use.

My favourite colour combo for today is the red and black, whats yours?

I've used Models Own Red Alert, NP019, Models Own Snow White, NP042 and Models Own Dream Stream NP124  and then Models Own Pro Jacks Black  014.

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