Sunday, 31 March 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 17, A new technique for me

I was given a nail foil set was back at Christmas and it's been on my list to try but just never got round to doing it/them.

I decided on a spring theme as it's Easter Sunday and the sun has even made an appearance.

This little kit is from Rio and has a selection of 10 foils, a sticky nail glue adhesive, a 2-1 topcoat, small pot of gold glitter, a thin detailing brush and a pink hoof shaped tool - this little thing is great, I use it lots.

The design has yellow daffodils, bright pink flowers and green leaves, very spring time don't ya think!? ( It's the second in from the right on the top row. in between the animal print and the wood effect)

The technique is a simple idea. Apply a thin layer of the nail adhesive to the nail. It doesn't work on the naked nail so you must have polish on first - this part is easy. You let the adhesive sit for about 3 minuets and the place a pre-cut square of foil on the nail and then rub, rub lots. After a minuet of rubbing you just need to gently peel of the foil and the image is then left on the nail.

A few times the image didn't fully transfer a I needed to go back and touch it up...frustration doesn't come to close. it's easy to fill in any gaps but it's just a tad fiddly.

The effect I love and I'll be happy to try the other foils but to be honest I'm in now rush as it took forever to do because you have to do each nail in turn.

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  1. I love the design on the foil you used! I want this on my nails!! So cute and I think a little bit vintage looking too. Pity it sounds like they take a long time to do. How long do they last for? I hope a while after all the effort you put in!