Sunday, 10 March 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 11, Splatter

Today is Mothers days and I'm back home visiting my mum and I've managed to rope my sister Ellie into helping me do today's challenge!

First things first was deciding on the colours to use. There was no way I was able to bring my growing collection so I've used Ellies polish and we both agreed on the follow three polishes, Nails Inc Elizabeth's street, Barry M Nail Paint in Indigo and Barry Ms Nail Paint in Mint Green.

Second task was to find a good tutorial on Youtube because neither of us had done this technique before. We found Graffiti Splatter Nail Art Tutorial by Rainkeroro to very helpful and easy to follow.

This technique was very fun to do but frustrating when the polish wouldn't splatter or worst when it did but your aim was off and you missed the nail you wanted and just end up splattered the paper underneath! It took us about 20 mins to both hands because it was had to get the polish to splatter and to aim on target!


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