Sunday, 19 May 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 31, Recreate someone eles mani

So it's the final day of the Laid back 31 day challenge and yes I'll be sad once it's over but on the other hand I'll be happy it's finished.  Two post each week seamed like an achievable target at the start. I was even a few days a head and had posts ready and scheduled but sadly work and life got in the way of regular posting and I fell behind on a few occasions. I'm sure no really minds as this IS the LB version and it is only for a bit of fun, It's been hard work at times but I've loved every day  :)

I've tried to recreate Erin @Nerdy for nails, Tape Mani
The inspiration and by recreation below.
I've used stripping tape, 17 Halo (Silver), No17 Stay Perfect, Me! Me! Me! 250 (Pink), Collection 2000 Hot Looks, Scarlet 51 (Red) and Collection 2000 Lasting colour, Liquorice (Black).   I have changed the colour order on my ring finger because I wanted this finger to look just a little different from the others.

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