Sunday, 5 May 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 26, Inspired by my country

It's not hard to tell that I'm from the UK when look at my nails. I've used the iconic Union Jack flag design which just screams Royal Britannia and God Save the Queen. Feeling very patriotic looking at them once all finished!!

The base colour is Models Own Feeling Blue, NP031 which I layer over a layer of Models Own Snow White NP042 to help the blue 'pop'. I used L.A. colours, Art Deco in White to create the white stripes of the flag. I have a few Art Deco nail art bottles and they are great because they have a wide range of colours and I keep finding them in my local PoundShop for yep you guessed it £1.

When it came to added the red I really struggled as I don't own any thin/fine nail art brushes. I must do some research, read a few reviews and take the plunge and order a set. Any recommendations or advise on how to look after them? will soaking them in nail varnish be OK or will I need something else to clean and look after the brush?

In the end end I turned to a red sharpie permanent pen to draw on the red. Not the neatest of finishes but this was the best I could do without the right tools.

I hope you like the Royal Guard doll :)


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