Friday, 10 May 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 28, Inspired by my favourite colour

If I'm asked what my favourite colour is I will always answer green but for some strange reason I don't like green on my nails.

I like black but find it a little too harsh to wear frequently and I love silver so this mani is a combination of the both. Silver base with little black studs.

Models Own Sterling Silver NP046 is this fantastic silver that shimmers and sparkles in the sunshine with a metallic finish it's just perfect for spring time sunshine. I added the line of black studs and as much as I love this look - it just never stays put. I coat the nail in a strong and thick top coat place the studs down in a row and then add another lay of strong top coat but yet I still manage to loose studs! how can I keep theses little buggers in place??

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