Thursday, 16 January 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday, Stripes

Thursday 16th January and the prompt today is Stripes. I love stripes but after a long day at work and a few glasses of wine I have no patience left thin nail tape!!

The tape wasn't being helpful at all, it kept curling up, not sticking to my nails and just not laying still. A nightmare.

The polish on the other hand did it's job. Perfect coat in one application. Lovely colour and great coverage. This little bottle of Rimmel 60 seconds, Purple Reign has been in my collection for such a long time - I cant remember when I even got it. I don't have many Rimmel's and I always forget how good they are. The brushes are great, the polish goes on smoothly and the colours are stunning so I might have to add a few more to the collection. any recommendations??

GOT Stripes Rimmel

GOT Stripes Rimmel

GOT Stripes Rimmel

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