Monday, 6 January 2014

Blue stained nails

The down side of my favourite deep blue, Sally Hansen Navy baby is that it stains, and boy is it's hard to get rid of!

I did a comparison to show you the aftermath left behind. On my left hand I used two coats No7 So Strong and one coat on my right hand, Boots No7 So Strong is a great base coat because as it's name suggest it's strong which adds a tough layer of protection over my nails. Whenever I get the money of No7 make-up vouchers I do tend to get another one or two to add to my stash :)

My right hand (one base coat)
My left hand had two layers of base coats and there is considerably lower staining compared to the other hand which had one base coat.

side-by-side shot to show the levels of staining.
This is after 10 minuets of scrubbing using my white block - so much better!
The lesson in this story is when using a polish that stains double up on the base coat!



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