Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Busy Girl Nails Winter Nail Art Challenge - Teal

I'm joining in with another nail challenge, this one is Busy Girl Nails, Winter Nail Art Challenge.

I have started two new challenges recently but I've not been on time for either! This wasn't my intention, I had planned to have things in place and ready to go but this sadly just didn't work out.

This challenge is mainly on Instagram but I still wanting to post it here. Please follow the group and see all the other people's art. @its_linzi #busygirlnails

So here's my last minute entry, I know, I know, I know..... there's no nail art on my nails but there is teal, Totally teal. I had started to do a design but I just wasn't happy with it so I decided to go back to basics and keep it simple. this is two coat of No7 Totally teal. it's just perfect, it doesn't need a topcoat as it's super shinny and glossy without.  

Totally teal

Totally teal
Totally teal

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