Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 6, Favourite colour family

Day 6 in the laid back nail challenge is upon us and so far I'm really enjoying it! This relax pace suits me down the ground! Its a manageable work load but still applies a small amount of pressure to ensue I do them all :)

For this challenge I selected pastels, sadly not 'fruit pastles' but maybe that's an idea for a future mani?!

I've used Models Own Beth's Blue, Lemon Meringue, Jade Stone,  Lilac Dream and an unlabelled / unnamed Models Own (which is peachy nude) then I've used my matte effect top coat from Rimmel. All five colours look great as they are but to be honest I much prefer them when matte. They remind me of chalk the kinda chunky chalk you'd get in a school or nursery.   my camera has given them a slight sheen, I'm guessing because the nail surface is smooth but in real life the top coat really does what it say on the tin (bottle)


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