Sunday, 10 February 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 2, Silver

Silver is the name of the game.

I only own 1 silver polish, I have a few silver glitters but I'm in no hurry to use any glitter polish an time soon.

This is a quick design which I wore to work and I kept getting asked how it was done. I forget that not everyone subscribes to tones of nail blogs that fill up their inbox everyday with new designs, ideas, reviews or swatches for new polish :)

I've used Models Own Snow White, NP042 and Models Own Sterling Silver, NP046 and tape to create the deep V shape on the nails. My original plan was to be more creative with the tape and a Chevron effect but as was done in the evening I wasn't about to start stressing over tape.

Hopefully this simple one pointed design is still OK.

Opps sorry this is a few days late, I though I'd worked out how to schedule, but nope, I had it on pause :)

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