Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day 18 in the 33DC - featuring 2 patterns

Day 18 is a mani featuring 2 patterns.

This challenge is certainly turning into a challenge with each prompt. How was I to incorporate two patterns into one mani?! I could do each pattern on a different nail? change of the colour/direction of the pattern - once decided on what pattern of course.

I was going to go for spots and stripes but thought that would be the safe option and the point of doing a nail challenge like this one it to try new things and be more creative.

So I used Models Own, Snow White for the base and Barry M Black nail art pen for the black stripes. I didn't want to faff around with striping tape trying to get perfect straight lines because I was going to added another pattern over the top so you wouldn't see the lines completely (well that was the plan) I went over the black and white stripes with Models Own, Smash up Pink.

I was hoping that the pink would be thicker, bolder and not as transparent as it turned out to be - to be honest it was a little disappointing. I wanted the pink to be bold and then through the cracks it created you'd pot the black and white lines but in the end it turned out looking more like a red/pink brick wall!!




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