Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 22, Inspired by fabric

This is the cushion I use to rest my tray on when I use my laptop or do my nails, sadly I don't have a nail desk but one day I might.

These nails were fun  to do but fiddly. I started with a base of No7 Stay Perfect, Snowflake 140 and then stuck down lots of tape in rows. I Careful dabbed on each colour in turn and then swiftly pulled of the tape. my pinkie finger came of worse as I hadn't let the white base dry fully so it's pulled some of the white of making it look messy.

I've used MissGuided, Orange. Models Own, Green Flash NP079. La Femme Beauty, Claret. Rimmel 60 seconds, Purple Reign 605 and Models Own, Mushroom NP096.


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