Saturday, 15 February 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Valentines

Golden Oldie Thursday (on a Saturday!) Valentines

St Valentines day was on Friday, and the name on this challenge is Golden Oldie Thursday, so I am a little late in posting this, bit life just got in way :)

This week I've been working the late shift at work which means finishing at 10pm so fitting in time to do new nails, taking photos and drafting a post can get a little tricky. I managed this on, only two days late :) lol

I've used Sally Hansen, Diamond Strength, unnamed red. Super glossy and applies great. Only two coats needed for this lovely bold red. The flash makes it seam a little thin in places but you cant see this in 'real life'  I've added a tiny pink hearts to each nail, this is my 'nod' to the valentines theme. I'm not keen on the valentines but I was surprised by given a lovely bunch of flowers, with one glittery rose in it. sounds strange but looks nice.





  1. What did you use for the hearts? This manicure looks really lovely - it's a gorgeous shade of red!
    PS: You've been tagged for a Liebster award in my last blog post :)

    1. They came in a nailart kit I got from Ebay years ago.. Thank you so much for the nomination xx