Monday, 12 August 2013

OPI, What Wizardry Is This?

A friend at work very kindly let me try her OPI What Wizardry Is This? The only catch was that I had to do her nails first!

This is the first time I've used OPI and to be honest I think I need to add some to my collection. The formula is great, the brush is fab, it has lasting power, no chips for 3 days and surprisingly easy and straight forward to remove.

Its textured, but not so much that it feel rough to the touch just slightly grainy ( like sand!) I spent most the day when they were fast painted stroking and running my fingers over the nails, strangely calming and therapeutic! The colour is stunning a deep metal gold with matt finish but because it's textured the sunshine bounces of the little grains and it makes the gold 'dance' and sparkle. just beautiful.

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