Friday, 30 August 2013

Gold and purple

I'm started this blog as a place to share and record the nail art that I've done. Sometimes life and work gets in the way and I'm not posting as much as want. So to compact this I'm going to do another nail challenge as this gave me motivation to post more frequently so keep an eye out, it starts late September :)  

Onto todays short post. I've used Models Own Purple Imperial which is super smooth and reminds me so much of Cadburys chocolate, I had this on my nails with a matte top coat and although it looked great, I did forget to take a photo :(  It needed something extra so I reached for my Models Own Gold Rush, some nail tape and wham!

The combination of the matte purple and the highly sparkly gold looks fab in the sunshine and just love how they turned out.


  1. Love this!! The color combo is perfect and the different textures makes this stand out!