Monday, 14 January 2013

New start, naked nails

Ooops it's be been nearly 6 weeks since I last posted something. Wow Christmas and work really did get in the way!! I had hoped to post a few Christmas themed nails but since it's mid January it's not acceptable so I'll keep them safe and try again next year.

I now have no valid reason for not post regularly other than laziness or not being planned enough so here to being pro active, forward planning and just being on top of it all :)

As I enjoy painting my nails I do tend to change the polish nearly everyday and strong and stain free can be a bit of a challenge. In the spirit of new starts and clean slates here are my naked nails *gasps*  I don't very often have no art art or no colour on them so they really do feel naked!

It is only once I've taken the photo and the day light had faded I've realised I'd not done a very good job with the clean up, a few bits of blue polish on my cuticles and strange blue ring under my smile line, must have had polish underneath the nail with out knowing it ( tut tut ).

I don't like the feel of moisturiser on my hands so I don't moisturise as often as I should, I try to remember to use cuticle oil which I find with as all the polish remover I go though really does help. I also do however use a scrub on my hands and I find this combination of scrub and cuticle oil is all my hands and nails need.

Using a 4 way buffer is another tool I regularly use and this helps to smooth and even out the surface of the nail plate and then using the buffer to bring out the shine shine and gloss which I assume is from all the oil I use.

My pinkie and ring both have 'white bruises' from when ..... well to be honest I'm not entirely show when but I was just a bit trough ruff taking of a glitter polish that I just rubbed, scrubbed and hacked at when taking it off. Have I mentioned how must I hate taking glitter polish off. It's stopped me buying any more glitter polish until I've tried and tested the PVA Glue method.

So you've seen my naked and bare nails, next post I'll have polish on and the journey can begin (again)


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