Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Coco a-go go

During a trip into town I popped into £1 shop for some essentials. I scanned the beauty section and look what caught my eye, this Sally Hansen Instra-Dri, Coco a-go go. for only £1 I was very happy to give it a try. I've never used any Sally Hansen products before so I didn't know what to expect.

This polish defiantly keeps to it's name and has a fast drying time. I did one coat waited 30 seconds or so and was happy to do another straight after! The whole painting time was only 5 mins.base layer of Rimmels 5-1 Nail treat, Two coats of Coco a-go go and then finished of with a top coat of Rimmels 5-1 Nail treat.

The wand and brush is thinner and flatter than other polishes I've used which took a little time to get used to so, I decided to test the polish on paper before starting on my nails, I'm glad I did this as it really helped to get accustomed to the weight and the angle of the brush.

The Colour is beautiful, copper bronze with a shimmer of subtle gold. I wish I has some gold or even black studs to ad to this mani as although I love the colour I do think it needs a little something extra.


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