Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 7 in 33DC - Art with your oldest untried.

Day 7 is here and so far I'm keeping up with the pace, I'm quite chuffed with myself to be honest!

Three post each week for 11 weeks and with the build up to Christmas I'm going to have to plan and use my spare time productively!

So on with todays nail. I've used W7 Silver for my base. this polish was given to me as a birthday gift from my friends at work (back in may) it came with another bottle full of teeny tiny beads. I've used the beads before but not the polish until now. The silver is shimmery and metallic it so reflective I've had issues when taken the photos because it just kept bouncing the light back.

I've used Sally Hansen, Salon, Navy Baby and WOW this is just gorgeous! I can't wait to use this again the colour is super deep and stunning and applied really well.

The gradient isn't perfect and I need more practise but I love how bold the Navy baby looks against the metallic silver.

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